Send Your Letter of Support for HB 2875

We are asking OPRI members to send an email or letter of support for HB 2875.

This bill is important for protecting the hard-earned benefits of PERS members. It would do two things:

  1. HB 2875 would allow retirees to more quickly reinstate Tax Remedy Payments if they are unable to confirm their Oregon residency by the December 31st deadline. There are a number of reasons why retirees may miss this deadline, from major life events to a severe illness. As it stands right now, if the self-certification is filed late, retirees will miss out on the tax remedy for an entire year.
  2. HB 2875 will protect part-time employees working to qualify for PERS benefits. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on people’s ability to work due to closures and work hours being unavailable in 2020. Because of this, many were unable to achieve the 600 hours per year threshold needed in 2020 through no fault of their own. This bill would restore PERS membership and any retirement credit lost in 2020 if the person performs 600 hours or more of service in calendar year 2021.

It is important that members share their stories with legislators on the importance of protecting PERS retiree benefits. You can download a template letter here. Please feel free to personalize the letter with your story.

HB 2875 has been assigned to the Joint Committee On Ways and Means Subcommittee On General Government. Your letter should be sent to the following committee members:

Members of the Joint Committee On Ways and Means Subcommittee On General Government:

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