PERS ballot initiatives withdrawn for 2020 election

By OPRI / December 5, 2019

The five potential ballot measures filed earlier this year have been withdrawn.

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Lawsuit alleges new PERS reform law unconstitutional

By OPRI / October 23, 2019

In August, nine public employee union members filed a lawsuit with the Oregon Supreme Court challenging Senate Bill 1049, stating that it unconstitutionally reduces pension benefits. Senate Bill 1049 was signed into law in June after narrowly passing the both the Senate and the House with the bare minimum of votes necessary in both chambers.…

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Benefits Remain Safe for Current Retirees

By OPRI / August 28, 2019

2019 Legislative Session Update: In the face of recent PERS reform legislation, current retirees can rest easy that their benefits will not be impacted by the passage of Senate Bill 1049. Senate Bill 1049 entered the spotlight during the 2019 legislative session in an effort to address the rising cost of the public employee pension…

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Lawsuit Questions Legality of New PERS Reform Law

By OPRI / August 27, 2019

Nine public employees filed a lawsuit earlier this month with the Oregon Supreme Court challenging the new law requiring public employees to help pay down the public pension debt. The lawsuit states that Senate Bill 1049 – which was passed by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor – unconstitutionally reduces pension benefits.…

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