OPRI Surveys Membership

Each year, OPRI conducts a membership survey to better understand member perspectives on PERS reform and make sure we are accurately representing the views of our members in the Legislature. Below are the results of this year’s survey.

1. Do you believe that Oregon’s Public Employee Retirement System has become a financial crisis for state an local governments and school districts?

2. Generally speaking, do you FAVOR or OPPOSE PERS reform proposals that would require current public employees to make greater contributions to their own retirement benefits in order to reduce the PERS unfunded liability?

3. Have you heard, read, or seen anything recently to make you aware of the new PERS law – Senate Bill 1049?

4. Do you FAVOR or OPPOSE Senate Bill 1049 that requires current Tier 1 and Tier 2 public employees to contribute 2.5% of their salary that currently goes into their individual IAP Account into the pension in order to reduce the pension liability?

5. Do you FAVOR or OPPOSE your association, the Oregon PERS Retirees, joining with the public employee unions to challenge and overturn Senate Bill 1049 at the Oregon Supreme Court?

6. Do you FAVOR or OPPOSE a proposal that would give current public employees a choice of staying with the PERS pension program or switching to a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan?

7. Do you FAVOR or OPPOSE a proposal that would increase business and corporate taxes and dedicate those revenues to reducing the PERS unfunded liability?

8. Generally speaking, do you FAVOR or OPPOSE legislation that would expand re-hire opportunities of PERS retirees by allowing them to work more that 1,039 hours per year for a public employer while still receiving PERS benefits?

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