OPRI Releases 2024 Legislative Report

During the 2024 legislative session, OPRI monitored and advocated for the top legislative priorities for members during the 32-day session.

The 2024 Oregon legislature performed almost exactly to script: Heavy bipartisan focus on reforming Measure 110 and increasing housing supply, very few overtly partisan issues, and prolific spending fueled by ever-increasing tax revenues that had accumulated since the end of the 2023 session.

The Legislature conducted its business in 32 days, adjourning on Thursday evening, March 7th, with three days to spare before the 35-day Constitutional deadline of March 10th.

The 2024 session saw the introduction of 291 bills – an enormous number of bills to consider in just one month’s time – but nowhere near the 3,000 bills introduced in a typical long session. Still, the session pushed the limits of a 35-day session as many of the bills were far too complicated and pushed too far with inadequate time for vetting.

But through it all, most of the potentially controversial, party-line bills failed to advance past the session’s second week, and most bills that ended up passing did so with bipartisan support.

You can view the 2024 session report on issues of interest to OPRI members here.

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