OPRI Legislative Bills Move Forward

PERS legislation took a step forward today as bills impacting members passed out of committee. OPRI’s two priority bills – HB 2867 and HB 2375 – were combined into a single bill, HB 2875, which was passed out of the House Committee on Business and Labor.

HB 2867 was introduced by OPRI as a way to more quickly reinstate Tax Remedy Payments for retirees who are unable to timely confirm their Oregon residency prior to the December 31 deadline. Meanwhile, HB 2375 worked to protect part-time employees working to become vested in the PERS system, but were unable to achieve the 600 hours per year threshold due to the pandemic.

The newly combined bill received bipartisan support from the committee. HB 2875 was referred to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means where it will be decided if the bill moves to the Floor for a vote.

OPRI thanks Representative Paul Evans (D-Monmouth) for introducing HB 2867 and Representative Ken Helm (D-Beaverton) for introducing HB 2375 and their ongoing work on these bills on behalf of PERS members.

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