Legislators consider bills impacting PERS retirees

For decades, OPRI has been fighting legislative and political battles on behalf of our members, giving you a voice in Salem and protecting your hard-earned benefits. This work continues this session as OPRI is tracking a number of bills that could impact PERS retiree benefits. Here are some of the bills we are watching this session.

HB 2822: This is OPRI’s priority bill for 2023. As amended, HB 2822 would give low-and-middle income PERS retirees a ONE-TIME cash payment – equivalent to an 8% cost-of-living stipend – to help ease the inflationary pinch on their fixed incomes. OPRI thanks Representative Paul Evans for introducing this bill.

HB 2601: This bill would change the way the Treasury invests Oregon Public Employee Retirement Funds (OPERF), directing them to exit from certain carbon-intensive investments and modify future investment options. OPRI conducted a survey of its members and found that a majority of members do not currently support the bill. These results were shared in testimony during the public hearing held last month in the House Committee on Emergency Management, General Government, and Veterans.

HB 2054: Provides that district attorneys and deputy district attorneys qualify as police officers under Public Employees Retirement System.

HB 2283 – PERS Agency bill: Modifies provisions relating to public employee retirement.

HB 2284 – PERS Agency bill: Increases fees Public Employees Retirement Board may charge in connection with payment of public employee retirement benefits to alternate payee.

HB 2285 – PERS Agency bill: Removes obsolete provisions relating to Social Security Revolving Account.

HB 2296: Makes permanent provisions allowing retired member of Public Employees Retirement System to be reemployed by participating public employer for unlimited number of hours without reduction in pension benefits.

HB 2934: Prohibits public employer from making deduction from salary or wages of public employee to pay dues, fees or other assessments to labor organization.

HB 3219: Establishes standards for fiduciary of pension benefit plan offered by public body.

SB 79: Expands exemption from limitations on employment of retired members of Public Employees Retirement System employed by certain law enforcement and correctional agencies.

SB 663: Changes calculation of final average salary for purposes of Public Employees Retirement System to use five years of salary instead of three years, for salary paid on and after January 1, 2024.

OPRI will continue to engage with members through the legislative session and let you know how you can get involved. You can also follow updates on Facebook @ORPersRetirees.

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