Send Your Letter of Support for HB 2875

By OPRI / June 3, 2021

We are asking OPRI members to send an email or letter of support for HB 2875. This bill is important for protecting the hard-earned benefits of PERS members. It would do two things: HB 2875 would allow retirees to more quickly reinstate Tax Remedy Payments if they are unable to confirm their Oregon residency by…

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OPRI Legislative Bills Move Forward

By OPRI / April 8, 2021

PERS legislation took a step forward today as bills impacting members passed out of committee. OPRI’s two priority bills – HB 2867 and HB 2375 – were combined into a single bill, HB 2875, which was passed out of the House Committee on Business and Labor. HB 2867 was introduced by OPRI as a way…

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OPRI Bill HB 2867 Moves to Committee

By OPRI / March 19, 2021

OPRI continues to hear from retirees who are seeing their Income Tax Remedy benefits eliminated when they inadvertently are unable to certify residency with PERS. This is why OPRI has introduced House Bill 2867. This bill would more quickly reinstate Tax Remedy Payments for retirees who are unable to timely confirm their Oregon residency prior…

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Meet the Board: Charles Luukinen

By OPRI / March 15, 2021

Charles Luukinen has spent a lifetime serving the community, both personally and professionally. For more than 20 years, he served Oregonians as a judge. He now works on behalf of public employee retirees as a member of the OPRI Board of Directors. Luukinen began his judicial career in 1986 as a District Court Judge. He…

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What to Consider if Your Power is Out

By OPRI / February 18, 2021

Use caution with alternative light and heating sources to avoid unintentional fire from candles, harmful fumes from kerosene heaters used indoors without proper ventilation or deadly carbon monoxide from use of charcoal briquettes indoors. Lock in home heat by tacking blankets over windows and doorways to keep the cold out and putting rolled towels at…

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Editorial: Gov. Brown must ensure teachers’ vaccines lead to schools reopening

By OPRI / February 3, 2021

By The Oregonian Editorial Board Gov. Kate Brown defended her decision to prioritize teachers for the COVID-19 vaccine as one of the tough calls she’s had to make amid a vaccine shortage. Reopening schools is paramount and necessitates immunizing educators, she said, pointing out the many shortcomings of remote learning, the social isolation students are experiencing…

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OPRI Introduces House Bill 2867 for Income Tax Remedy Payment Fix

By OPRI / January 20, 2021

OPRI is focused on protecting the hard-earned benefits of PERS retirees during the 2021 Legislative Session with the introduction of a bill that would more quickly reinstate Tax Remedy Payments for retirees who are either unable to timely confirm their Oregon residency or who establish Oregon residency during the year. HB 2867 is introduced by…

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Meet the Board: Deanna Woods

By OPRI / November 30, 2020

When Deanna Woods retired, she wondered what she would do with her time. But filling her time has not been a problem. The newest OPRI Board member shares that the key is to keep learning and to do something that makes a difference. Throughout her career, Deanna served in the Portland Public Schools, where she…

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Oregon Supreme Court denies challenge to legislative changes to PERS benefits

By OPRI / August 17, 2020

On August 6, 2020, the Oregon Supreme Court denied the challenge brought forward by public employee unions regarding pension benefit reductions which passed during the 2019 Legislative Session through Senate Bill 1049. The lawsuit alleged that SB 1049 was unconstitutional and sought to overturn provisions of the law. Here is a look back at the…

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The Oregonian: Oregon PERS: Oregon Supreme Court upholds lawmakers changes to public pension benefits

By OPRI / August 6, 2020

The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the reductions in public employee pension benefits that the Legislature passed in 2019 to help address the state’s burgeoning pension funding deficit and rein in the escalating pension costs and resulting budget problems for public employers. Read the full story on The Oregonian

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